Rent out your house through RELO Wonen

You want to (temporarily) rent out your home and you are looking for a mediator who understands what your wishes are, is transparent in the process and guides you through the process.

Welcome to RELO Wonen!

RELO Wonen stands for effective mediation between tenants and landlords in temporaring housing. RELO Wonen distinguishes itself with extensive experience by a personal and professional guidance.

Are you considering temporarily lease but you think it takes a lot of time to put your property on the market, it's hard to find a reliable tenant or you do not have the knowledge of the legal and financial aspects? RELO Wonen guides, informs and advises you all the way.

RELO Wonen gives:
  • a survey of the property and a profile of the future tenant
  • presenting your property to potential tenants
  • plan and coordinate viewings
  • screening tenants
  • drafting a legally correct lease
  • inspection survey
  • management during the rental period


Property presentation for internet including the largest online platform Pararius, planning and coordinating viewings, mediation and screening of potential tenants:
For an independent property RELO Wonen charges:  € 595, -.
For a dependent property RELO Wonen charges:€ 295, -.

Optional services

Drafting a lease:€ 175, -.
Providing an incheck or outcheck:€ 175, -.
Conducting technical management:€ 50, -. p.m.
Conducting financial management:€ 50, -. p.m.
Conducting technical and financial management:€ 75, -. p.m.

The services of RELO Wonen are offered on a No Cure No Pay basis. The fees are plus VAT.

If you are interested in renting property via RELO Wonen or you have any questions about renting out your property. RELO Wonen will take the time to explain what everything means in your situation. For more information please contact the relevant office, so we can make an appointment.

On all the work we do on behalf of the landlord, our general conditions are applied:


RELO Wonen can manage your property during the rental period. For the management RELO Wonen offers two options:

Financial management

  • RELO Wonen will send invoices and collects the rent, they deposit in to your account and take immediate action on any late payments to collection agency.
  • RELO Wonen recommends to the annual indexation of the rent.

Technical management

  • During the rental period is RELO Wonen the contact between you and the tenant.
  • RELO Wonen carry out regular checks on your property with a view to maintaining and Opium Law.
  • RELO Wonen can carry out repairs and maintenance in consultation.
  • If desired RELO Wonen collect your mail and sends it forward.